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Résonance TJL Inc. is a company of acoustical and audio consultants whose primary aim is to provide quality services in architectural acoustic design and testing where critical listening and sound isolation are of the utmost importance.

Our areas of expertise include:
·           State-of-the-art recording studio and control room design for stereo and surround sound.

·           Acoustical design of cinemas and film mixing theatres to the standards of SMPTE, IMAX, THX and DOLBY Atmos.
·           Acoustical specifications of conferences rooms, auditoriums and concert venues with EASE 3D computer modelling.
·           Monitor loudspeaker calibration using EASERA.
·           Room acoustics evaluation according to ISO 3382 (T60, EDT, C50, C80, strength, etc.)
·           Industrial and environmental noise measurements according to ASHRAE and ASTM standards.
·           Environmental noise prediction using Noise3D.
·           Specifications for noise and vibration control of in ventilation systems.

Jean-Luc Louradour
Ingénieur technicien en électrotechniquecole Technique Supérieure - Le Locle, Switzerland)
Specialist in electronics, electro-acoustics and acoustical design
Tim Hewlings
B. Mus. (McGill)
Specialist in audio, sound recording and architectural acoustics
Jean-Luc Louradour
Monsieur Louradour obtained the degree of “ingénieur technicien ETS en électrotechnique” from the École Technique Supérieure in the Canton of Neuchâtel, Le Locle, in Switzerland in 1972.  He immigrated to Canada in 1974 and, since that time, has worked in the areas of electronics for the professional audio industry, as well as the acoustics of recording studios both in Canada and in the United States.
In 1984 he founded Normatrol inc, a company originally devoted to the development and manufacturing of automated controllers for solar heating systems.  M. Louradour’s interest and expertise in high quality audio eventually led the company into the design of professional audio equipment and recording studio maintenance.  
This company designed the electronic and audio installations for studios such as Le Studio (Morin Heights), Cinar Film, Studio Victor, Studio Tempo, Le Mobile (San Diego), Disques Star, Les Productions Champlain, Télé-Metropole and Studio Place-Royal (SPR) among others.
In 1987, he founded Résonance TJL Inc. with his associate Mr. Tim Hewlings and became its president.  Since that time, he has been involved in the conception and the acoustical design of many recording and mixing studios, television studios, conference rooms, cinemas, etc.  
In 1990 - 1991, Mr. Louradour was an instructor in McGill University’s graduate programme in sound recording.  He has given technical training seminars for the company Studer-Revox AEG at CBS (New York), Library Archives Canada and (Ottawa), and at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
In 1997, he founded ADGIL Design inc, to design and manufacture professional audio equipment particularly for surround mixing for films and television.
In 2005, he was named to the faculty of the audio department of the Banff Centre, and more recently he has given conferences at a number of universities across Canada on the subject of mastering recordings in surround sound, sponsored by the la Canadian Electroacoustic Community (CEC)
He is a founding member of the Musée des ondes Émile Berliner and the Association of Professionals in Audio (ASPRAudio).
Timothy Hewlings
Mr. Hewlings holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music with Honours in Music Theory from McGill University. His studies included musical analysis, harmony and counterpoint. During his time there, he also studied the physics of music, musical acoustics and the production of electronic music.
He has worked and taught in music, sound recording and acoustics for over 45 years.
From 1974 to 1987, he worked as a sound recordist, mixer and producer in several major Montréal recording studios, including Les Studios Marko and Les Studios de Son Québec. During this period, a continuing interest in architectural acoustics led him to pursue studies in the area, primarily through attending conferences, seminars and other courses offered to professionals in the field given by the CNRC, the AES, the SMPTE and the company Bruel and Kjaer, among others.
In 1987, he became vice-president and partner in Résonance TJL Inc. with long-time associate and colleague Jean-Luc Louradour. This firm specializes in consulting, principally for the audio recording, film, radio, television and concert industries.
From 1992 until his retirement in 2012, Mr. Hewlings held the position of “animateur pédagogique” at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) where he coached and recorded students in music performance. He continues to work as a recordist/producer of CDs of classical music and jazz. He has worked on projects with guitarist Alvaro Pierri (one a Félix winner), flutist Guy Vanasse, and the de Montreal Guitar Trio. He mixed two CDs for Sylvain Provost et Normand Lachapelle the second of which, “Sœurs Guitares”, won a Félix for the best Jazz album of 2001.
He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Musée des ondes Émile Berliner.

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